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Does the world need another diet book? When I asked myself this question, I clearly knew the answer: No. People don't need another diet book; they need to change their way of life. They don't need to be told how and why to diet; they need to learn how to change their eating habits and their outlook on life.

With all these diet books, why are so many people still overweight and unhealthy? Unfortunately, the media bombards us with so much information daily that most people don't know what to believe. I have often heard customers tell me: “I don't know what to eat anymore”.

Like most people, I had tried every diet out there and it failed in the long run. It was only after recognizing and accepting the principles taught in this manual that I was able to achieve the optimum weight and health that I enjoy today.

How I feed my body affects every aspect of my life and my outlook on it. How do I feel when I wake up in the morning? AMAZINGLY GOOD! How do I feel when I stand up in front of a crowd and give a talk? AMAZINGLY GOOD! How do I feel when my day doesn't go as planned and things get overwhelming and a bit difficult? AMAZINGLY GOOD! I know that feeling good has everything to do with how I take care of my body and my health – and you can feel good too.

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