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Test us for 1 month!
1 month E-gym 65.- instead of 210.-
Only for the first 10!
No filing fees!


- 1 month E-gym, this is the E-gym circuit, which will allow you to maintain your form daily in just 30 minutes and to push your limits! Thanks to its state-of-the-art technology, this circuit will save you time adjusting and loading your machines for optimal training adapted to your needs!

- 2 morphological assessments (Tanita)

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E-gym make fitness your lifestyle!

Effective training than ever! NEW !

After a huge success in our neighboring countries, the Egym phenomenon is finally coming to Switzerland! It is at Yess-Fitness in Sierre (the first in Valais) that Valaisans will have the chance to train with the machines that are a hit in Europe.

The Yess-Fitness has added a high-tech space with fully connected Egym devices. No more hours of torture sweating bored, now we do faster and much better.


At Yess-Fitness, you train your whole body in just 30 minutes , the equivalent of a classic one-hour sports session. If that's not a revolution!

The must: during the first training session on Egym, the coach sets up a tailor-made program according to your needs and gives you a connected bracelet. From then on, the devices adjust themselves automatically, adapt the training load and guide you in your movements.

To stop stopping the sport, Egym has found the solution for you: with each session you progress! Track your progress and training plans on your smartphone. Challenge yourself with friends to always stay motivated. Slimming down, toning up and firming up your silhouette becomes easy and fun.

Connected health has experienced a considerable leap in recent years with the appearance of various wearable activity trackers, predictive medicine tools and sensors to analyze the quality of the environment in which you evolve.

Find out if you have muscle imbalances with the Egym Fitness App! Train to correct them and be fitter than ever!

With the Egym Fitness App, you can keep a complete history of your training progress anytime, anywhere. You can collect points by completing exercises and then compare your total with that of your Egym friends. Free !

Your training results are automatically synchronized with the website where you can analyze your performance in detail and follow the evolution of your physical condition.


- Create an individual training program tailored to your needs for free
- Document your workout performance
- Earn points and compare them with those of your friends or other Egym members in a ranking
- Monitor your training progress, including planned and completed exercises
- Choose from over 800 exercises with animated demonstrations and detailed explanations
- Easily adapt your training session via the training program templates created on the site

Don't wait any longer, come and discover the new generation training at the Yess-Fitness room!

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