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Terms and conditions

The subscription is payable in advance, cannot be broken and no refund is provided. The contract is automatically

renewed, if it is not denounced by registered letter addressed to the head office and this 30 days before the expiry, under the conditions

rates valid on the expiry date of the contract. (Except 1 month and 3 month subscriptions).

The purchase of a subscription after payment, constitutes an electronic signature.

It is possible to subscribe to the extension of a 12-24 month subscription minimum 30 days before the end of the contract.

1. In the event of a request for termination of the contract by the customer after at least 12 months of rental, and before the then scheduled expiry date, YESS-Fitness will invoice the period due, as well as, for acceptance, 50% of the balance to be come still due according to the contract, to which will be added administrative costs of at least Fr. 100.- (excluding reminder costs).

2. Upon presentation of a medical certificate attesting to a physical incapacity, of more than 30 days, implying a total impossibility of enjoyment of the services and benefits made available to the member, this contract may only be suspended for one times in its duration, for a maximum duration of 2 months, this also being valid in the event of military service and work abroad for professional reasons. In the event of pregnancy, recovery will take place no later than 6 months after the date of delivery. The administrative costs for all these cases will amount to Fr. 25 .-. Excluding the Time-Stop option, see point 4.

3. The non-use of the services does not give right to any request for reimbursement or deduction. This contract is valid as acknowledgment of debts within the meaning of article 82LP. For any dispute that may arise, the legal venue is Sierre. (Headquarters of Leader Fitness Line Sàrl.)

4. Time stop regulations: The time stop allows the tenant who has paid for his rental and the Time stop in cash only, to stop his rental for 2 months per year, for at least four weeks at a time for the rental 12 months and a maximum of four months per year for at least four weeks at a time for a 24-month rental. Any other arrangement requires the form in writing and signed by the owner.

5. Persons under the age of 18 must provide legal authorization, from parents or the titular authority, and have a disclaimer in favor of Yess-Fitness to attend the center.

6. The Yess-Fitness reserves the right to close the reception and the Wellness during official or non-official holidays or other non-holiday days of the year, as necessary, as well as the modification of the grid courses or the cancellation of certain courses. The customer may not claim any consideration or compensation. The same applies in the event of a change of fixed or à la carte fitness staff or in the event of occasional revisions to the common facilities made available to customers. Each member is required to take care of the equipment and to respect the order and cleanliness of the premises. For reasons of hygiene, it is forbidden to train barefoot, in socks or with outdoor shoes, likewise, it is not authorized to train bare-chested and a cloth is obligatory in order to cover the devices during training. The shower is obligatory before and after the use of the sauna, the steam bath. An individual bath towel is mandatory to sit inside the sauna and steam bath cabins. Peelings, shaving and other uses of this kind are strictly prohibited. Renewals are with the same benefits as the subscription before.

7.Respectively on the 1st day of each quarter, an employee fixed price of Fr.19.00 only will be debited (only for LSV and DD). Each year, the user receives a new membership card. The amount of only Fr. 39,- corresponding to it is debited on 01.12 of each year for the membership card.

8. The management declines all responsibility in the event of misuse or medical incompatibility with regard to sports surfaces, bodybuilding as well as the sauna, the steam bath.

9. In addition, the member certifies that he is not suffering from any contagious disease and any heart or other disorder (prior medical visit). It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the fitness area. The quality of user of the center can be withdrawn at any time, for reasons of undesirable conduct, personal hygiene (bad smell) or non-compliance with the rules, In such circumstances , the decision will depend solely on the Management of YESS-Fitness. The member will however be obliged to pay any dues or balance due. Outside reception opening hours (according to official posted hours), the management declines all responsibility in the event of theft within the fitness area. Outside the opening hours of the reception (according to official posted hours), the fitness room is permanently filmed and the computer files are kept for 31 days. Outside reception opening hours (according to official posted hours), access to the Wellness area is prohibited. The management reserves the right to withdraw the right of access to the Fitness during extended opening hours without specific justification. Any damage caused by a member will be entirely at his expense.

9. By giving my email address and my phone number, I agree to receive calls, SMS or mail (by post and email) from YESS-Fitness only and up to 12 months at beyond the rental period subscribed. The parking card is mandatory and visible in the vehicle.

10.By giving my email address and my nr. phone, I agree to receive calls, text messages or mail (by post and email) from YESS-FITNESS. The parking card is mandatory and visible in the vehicle.

11.After purchase you confirm the terms and conditions.

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