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Power Plate

Power Plate acceleration training

The Power Plate works on a principle of 3-dimensional accelerations.
These accelerations cause rapid and intense muscle contractions, at a rate of 35 per second, of all the muscles of the body: abdominals, triceps, glutes, etc.
This unique stimulation makes it possible to solicit the muscles at 97% of their capacity compared to only 30% during traditional training.
No other workout generates such involvement of the body!

Coached sessions

A Power Plate session can be done with a coach, without risk or constraint, or additional charge for optimal safety and results.
As you progress, the sessions can be more intense with more complex exercises (duration, amplitude, position, frequency).
Power Plate coaches are trained to listen to you and guide you during your sessions in order to achieve your goals and meet your expectations. Training Frequency is 2-3 times per week.

Regular exercise on the Power Plate® can be a beneficial tool for:

  1. Weight Loss: visceral fat or adipose tissue

  2. Cellulite Appearance Reduction

  3. Bone Density: increase bone density and prevent age-related bone mineral density loss

  4. Muscular Strength and Power: improving performance in everyday life

  5. Circulation and Cardiovascular Function: increase circulation and improve the function of the cardiovascular system

  6. Pain Relief

  7. Falls Prevention: especially for the elderly population

  8. Improved flexibility and range of motion

  9. Well-Being and Quality of Life: positive effect on general physical condition, muscle strength, performance and daily well-being, which can improve the quality of life of these patients.

  10. Price 1 session Fr. 99,-

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