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399.-* instead of 973.- (regular price)


Included 12 months fitness 7/7 - 24/24 + 1000 VFS lessons per month. 650.- (normal price)

Included 12 months E-gym (train properly) 104.- (normal price)

Included 12 Wellness (sauna, hammam, rest room) 104.- (normal price)

+ SPORTS BAG for the first 20! (Value of 25,.)

Administrative fees included 90.- (normal price)

New members and loyal members.

You can get paid weekly or monthly!

* 20,- for the obligatory chip bracelet!

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Yess-Fitness est remboursé par les caisses maladies !


Sponsor a new member & get the bonus!

The principle :

You have a subscription

For each new person registered you receive 1 additional month on your next subscription. (excluding benefits)

Offer can be combined up to 12 months maximum!

Conditions of participation :

- Be a member of Yess-Fitness with a current contract.

- Offer valid only if your friend signs a contract for a minimum of 12 months.

- No consideration in cash or merchandise can be demanded against this bonus.

- Offer can not be combined with other promotions.

- In the event of early termination of your contract, no retrocession of the remaining bonus.

- You are responsible for your notebook!

More information about this offer at our reception


From the end of January 2022

Your Yess-Fitness application included in the subscription. Only for our members.

300 free group lessons on the app.

Your coach everywhere, because you are unique

Programs for mass gain, weight loss, sculpting your body, also for lovers of rugby, cycling, running, stretching sessions, relaxation, etc. all designed to achieve your goals!

With over 550 exercises available, you'll have no more excuses to train. Your transformation begins now.

Content adapted to your profile

As soon as you register on the application, indicate your body data, your objective and your sports level. Your application then analyzes this information to offer you personalized training programs.

A food routine that works for you

With our nutrition modules, find a healthy and balanced daily diet, adapted to your goals. Calculate your calories consumed meal by meal according to our recommendations. Benefit from the sport / nutrition synergy and admire your results!

Admire your evolution

Make optimal progress by
analyzing your body data, your macronutrient consumption, your performance on each exercise performed. Be proud of your progress!

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1000 VFS lessons / MONTH included in your subscription.

No more time constraints to follow your favorite course.

Perform the right movements, step by step, under the guidance given by our internationally renowned MastersTrainer.

The courses are accessible via a platform bringing together 8 concepts of
courses with a total of more than 150 sessions of 25 or 50 minutes.



After a huge success in our neighboring countries, the eGym phenomenon is finally coming to Switzerland! It is at Yess-Fitness in Sierre (the first in Valais) that Valaisans will have the chance to train with the machines that are a hit in Europe. The yess-Fitness has added a high-tech space with eGym equipment
fully connected. Gone are the hours of torture sweating in
bored, now we do things faster and much better.

At Yess-Fitness you train your whole body in just 30 minutes,
the equivalent of a classic one-hour sports session. If that's not a revolution!

The must: during the first training session on eGym, the coach puts
places a tailor-made program according to your needs and gives you a connected bracelet. From then on, the devices adjust
automatically, adapt the training load and guide you through your movements.



Electrical stimuli training

How does EMS work?

While in traditional training the muscles are controlled by electrical impulses from the brain which cause contraction and thus movement, in EMS the muscles receive external stimulation from the electrodes.

The muscle is indifferent to the origin of the electrical stimuli (brain or electrodes). The stimuli cause a muscle contraction.

Muscle is a good conductor of electrical stimuli. The excitation of each muscle fiber depends on a sufficient intensity of the current (threshold of activity).

If this threshold is exceeded, the muscle fiber responds with a total contraction (law of all or nothing).

From a certain intensity, all the fibers are activated. A further increase in intensity has no effect.

Thus miha bodytec exclusively uses low intensity currents (on a restricted scale of micro amperes) which are not dangerous for the human body.



CrossFit is a sport for everyone! From teenagers to seniors, women and men practice training together based on effective and safe physical preparation methods. These workouts are a mix of gymnastics, weightlifting and other endurance sports.

We perform constantly varied training using movements that can be found and re-applied in everyday life (running, stooping, jumping, carrying, moving in space, etc.). We are thus sure of reaching an effective intensity over a short period of time, the goal being to get out of our comfort zone in order to obtain effects that go beyond the training time (after burn effect).

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Power-Plate acceleration training

The Power-Plate works on a principle of accelerations in 3 dimensions.

These accelerations cause rapid and intense muscle contractions, at a rate of 35 per second, of all the muscles of the body: abdominals, triceps, glutes,...

This unique stimulation makes it possible to solicit the muscles at 97% of their capacity compared to only 30% during traditional training.

No other workout generates such involvement of the body!


Personal Training

A personal trainer, for whom?

Whether you want to lose weight, develop your muscles, evacuate stress, do rehabilitation*, strengthen your body after pregnancy, improve your physical condition, fight back pain... personal training is for you!

Solo, two or more sessions... your sports coach will
accompanied. It adapts to your desires, your objectives and your schedule.



This training solution allows you to perform hundreds of highly functional exercises using only the weight of your core body or your rotational force to improve your abdo-lumbar strap, your strength, your mobility and your balance like never before.



When it comes to body composition analysis, our Tanita monitor puts a wide range of valuable data at your fingertips to design highly effective training, nutrition and weight loss programs.

These monitors can display your custom data clearly and instantly. We can also print them on easy-to-read consultation sheets or transfer them to the TANITA GMON software for even more detailed analysis.

Here are the basic body composition measurements, which are available with our professional body composition analyzer, equipped with Tanita's latest BIA technology, along with great tips on how to use them to create the basis for nutrition programs and tailor-made fitness, to help you customers feel happier and lead a healthier life.


Metabolic Cure!!"Lose weight with guaranteed results!"

With The 21 Day Metabolic Cure, you can eliminate your fat deposits, while keeping your muscles and fat intact.

What is the metabolic cure in 21 days?

In just 21 days, you can restore your metabolism, reduce your weight and increase your vitality.

In a few words :

Up to 21 kilos less fat.

Obvious and visible modification of your silhouette.

Skin improvement (cellulite).

Removal of fat deposits.

No muscle loss.

No loss of structural fat (chest).

No wrinkles in the face.

GUARANTEED no yo-yo effect thanks to the final stabilization phase.



Sauna, hammam with aromatherapy, rest room.


What is PILATES?


The pilates method is a gentle gymnastics that combines deep breathing with physical exercises. ... Pilates is a physical training method inspired by yoga, dance and gymnastics. It is practiced on the ground, on a carpet, or using devices.

What are the benefits of Pilates?


The benefits of the Pilates method

  • Reduces spinal pain "by repositioning" the pelvis and back correctly.

  • Improves posture and balance.

  • Sculpts the silhouette by firming the muscles and releasing tension.

  • Lengthens the muscles and strengthens the myotatic reflex.

  • Who can do Pilates?  Whether you are a man or a woman, athletic or not, flexible or not, this method will always adapt to you. The exercises can be adapted according to the level, postures and needs of each one. If you have pathologies requiring the practice of progressive physical activity, Pilates can help you.

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