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New silhouette by cavitation: loss of lipids without surgery

Thanks to the painless and effective method of ultrasound, developed by doctors, together with physicists and engineers, superfluous lipid deposits on the hips, stomach, buttocks, legs and other knees can be eliminated quickly and in a sustainable way. The results of the sessions are instantly visible, and a reduction in the circumference of more than 10 cm in a few sessions is not uncommon! In addition, and within the framework of the proposed studies, participants see their metabolism increase or at least activate if they eliminate toxins through lymphatic drainage and/or gentle and targeted cardio sessions, which will therefore favorably influence their silhouette and their shape, while greatly improving the chances of keeping them!

During the non-invasive treatment of fatty layers with ultrasound, there are basically two types of treatment: the thermal ultrasound system, which melts the cells by supplying heat, and cavitation, which does „implode“ the cells.

Cavitation is a well-known phenomenon in physics. By definition, cavitation is the formation and disappearance of cavities (hence its name) in liquids by changing pressures. These constantly varying pressures are used, in the field of beauty, to eliminate lipids and are induced by ultrasound. The method used leads to a large release of energy, which after a while breaks the cell envelope of the cells. The released lipids then flows out of the cells and ends up in the lymphatic system, responsible for eliminating it. Cavitation is a gentle method to permanently eliminate problems. In addition, the treated person can directly go about their business once the session is over. So there are no long downtimes like in cosmetic surgery. This method is mainly used to eliminate lipid deposits located in the stomach, hips and buttocks.

1 ultrasound cavitation session Fr.110,-

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