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subscription calculator 

12 months  Unlimited group lessons

Membership card (annual fee):

- Possibility to train in our partner clubs 5x per month   

- 1 free indoor program to get you started, adapted to

   your needs

- Health Service, three health check-ups per year

- Free Test Service,  

  possibility to test new services for free

- Freedom Service, modification of the subscription free of charge 4x/year

  (addition of benefits)

- Free reading of articles on nutrition, sport and anatomy on

  our Blog (Code:YESS)

- Participation in free conferences

- The more you come the more gifts you receive

  (member card)

- Privilege on studies or promotions by email, our members

  faithful above all and all

Starterpack start well:

- Administrative fees 90.- Fr.

- 1 x Fitness & Health Check worth 20.- Fr.

- 3 x Personal Trainer lasting 35 to 50 minutes

  worth 297.- Fr.

- 1 x Fitness report (training optimization)

  worth 20.- Fr.

- 1 x personal VIP-CARD “28 days FULL PREMIUM”

  worth 199.- Fr.

- 1 x Voucher for a welcome gift

- 1 x Voucher for a tasting at the bar

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