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from Monday 8  to Tuesday, November 30, 2021 at midnight!

Take a 12 month subscription
and only pay
399.-* instead of 1052.-

399,-* instead of 1052.- (normal price)

Included 12 months fitness 7/7 - 24/24 + 1000 VFS lessons per month. 650.- (normal price)

Included 12 months Bootcamp (circuit training) 104.- (normal price)

Included 12 months E-gym (train properly) 104.- (normal price)

Included 12 months Wellness (sauna - hammam - rest room) 104.- (normal price)

Administrative fees included 90.- (normal price)

New members and returning members.

You can get paid weekly or monthly!

* 20,- for the obligatory chip bracelet!

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Body sculpting, what is it?


This discipline was born in the 90s, when coaches decided to merge two sports to obtain better results. Traditionally, a person who wants to get back in shape is recommended to do cardio to lose weight and gain endurance, and strength training to firm and tone their body. The body sculpt combines the two in a single workout. In bodysculpt, we therefore find body pump exercises for muscle building, and others inspired by step for cardio. The training thus makes it possible to work the muscles of the body as a whole while burning fat. The key: a toned and fit body.

Maximum 5 people per course. From October 12, 2021

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What is Boot Camp?


Bootcamp is a sport for everyone! From teenagers to seniors, women and men practice training together based on effective and safe physical preparation methods. These workouts are a mix of gymnastics, weightlifting and other endurance sports.

We perform constantly varied training using movements that can be found and reapplied in everyday life (running, stooping, jumping, carrying, moving in space, etc.). We are thus sure of reaching an effective intensity over a short period of time, the goal being to get out of our comfort zone in order to obtain effects that go beyond the training time (after burn effect).

Maximum 5 people per course. From July 20, 2021

1000 VFS lessons per month


Because there is nothing more important than your safety, the entire Yess-Fitness team is committed on a daily basis to implementing measures and respecting the rules of the confederation.


From 13.09.2021 , the COVID certificate becomes mandatory in order to attend our center. 

All members will be blocked from Monday 13.09.2021 at 12:00 p.m., to be unblocked, simply go to reception with your Covid certificate.


The main measures are:


  • Present your official COVID certificate (QR CODE) as well as a valid ID at reception (more information here).

  • The mask is no longer mandatory in our centers.

  • Follow the instructions of our coaches on site.

  • The wellness center is only open by registration.

  • Disinfect all equipment used before and after use. (mats, weight machines, dumbbells, etc.) 

  • It is mandatory to badge at the entrance.

  • Training linen is mandatory and must be placed on all equipment used.

  • Showers and changing rooms are open.


All our non-vaccinated members with an active subscription and who have not canceled their subscription, or those who take over a new subscription, can block it for the period from 13.09.2021 to 24.01.2022. This extension is not automatic and must be requested during your next visit to the reception of Yess Fitness and this until September 30, 2021. If your situation allows it, and if you wish to be supportive, you can waive any extension or part of it, at your convenience. We would be extremely grateful to you.


We invite you to always respect the measures recommended by the FOPH and the federal authorities.

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