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30 Participants wanted for our study

8 EMSPRO sessions 199,- instead of 792,-

Electrical stimuli training

How does EMSPRO work?

20 minutes electrostimulation corresponds to 4 hours indoors. While in traditional training the muscles are controlled by electrical impulses from the brain which cause contraction and thus movement, in EMS the muscles receive external stimulation from the electrodes. The muscle is indifferent to the origin of the electrical stimuli (brain or electrodes), the stimuli cause muscle contraction. Muscle is a good conductor of electrical stimuli. The excitation of each muscle fiber depends on a sufficient intensity of the current (threshold of activity). If this threshold is exceeded, the muscle fiber responds with a total contraction (law of all or nothing).

Only 30 people can participate.

8 sessions for only 199.- instead of 792.-

Yess-Fitness, route de la Monderèche 18, 3960 Sierre 027/456.56.95


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