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Permanent hair removal


Permanent hair removal by Flash lamp the latest generation Flash SHR 10 Flash per second!

The method consists of applying infrared type light to the skin which will specifically destroy the hair follicle by heating it to a temperature of 70°C. The flash lamp system therefore generates a multicolored light which has the property of specifically targeting melanin, (the pigment contained in the root of the hair), thus sparing the skin and its appendages.

The flash lamp method (just like lasers) is not effective on white, blond and red hair because these types of hair contain no or too little melanin.
  Only the hairs in the growth phase contain melanin and are therefore receptive to the light of the flash lamp during the first session.

It will therefore be necessary to repeat the session after a few weeks until all the follicles are in turn in the growth phase (which will take between 12 and 15 months depending on the area to be treated), i.e. between 5 and 8 sessions for get the desired result.

Permanent hair removal by flash lamp

1 back session for men Fr. 229,-

1 mid-leg session Fr. 219,-

1 whole leg session Fr. 279,-

1 forearm session Fr. 89,-

1 whole arm session Fr. 139,-

1 bikini session Fr. 119,-

1 armpit session Fr. 89,-

1 chest session (man) Fr. 229,-

1 upper lip session  59,-

1 session upper lips and chin Fr. 99,-

1 chin session Fr.59,-

1 neck session Fr. 59,-

1 mustache session Fr. 59,-

1 neck session Fr. 59,-

  1 face session fr. 200,-

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