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Anti-cellulite care


New silhouette by cavitation: loss of lipids without surgery. During the non-invasive treatment of fatty layers with ultrasound, there are basically two types of treatment: the thermal ultrasound system, which melts the cells by supplying heat, and cavitation, which does „implode“ the cells.


Localized fat reduction: This is a new, low-power cold laser technology with visible red light. It is a non-invasive treatment, with no incisions, needles, wounds or scars.



A body detoxification tool and therapeutic method, thermo-lypolysis is used for the treatment of stress and chronic pain, as well as for eliminating cellulite, losing weight and repairing damaged tissue.


LPG Cellu-M6

The star of anti-cellulite treatments is of course the Cellu-M6 device.



Shockwaves are radial pressure waves that penetrate the skin with a depth of 10mm, depending on the energy level (dose).

Lymphatic drainage care

Lymphatic drainage

By using a pressure wave massage, you increase your metabolism significantly! And a feeling of well-being and relaxation accompanies this treatment comparable to an intensive and complete massage!

Anti-wrinkle, anti-acne, anti-aging care


the practice of integrated facial aesthetic treatments, based on the Led phototherapy technique. We arrive at a significant to spectacular improvement in the quality and appearance of the skin.

Anti-stretch mark care


Photo-modulation against stretch marks, light to eliminate stretch marks.

Permanent hair removal care

Permanent hair removal by Flash Lamp

The method consists of applying infrared type light to the skin which will specifically destroy the hair follicle by heating it to a temperature of 70°C. The flash lamp system therefore generates a multicolored light which has the property of specifically targeting melanin, (the pigment contained in the root of the hair), thus sparing the skin and its appendages.

Therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage chair

The Médiform therapeutic chair specially designed to get back in shape. The latest high-end therapeutic chair is the Nec Plus Ultra, all categories combined.

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Hydro-jet massages Wellsystem Massage

A bit of rest and relaxation is always welcome in our hectic lives. The concern is that until now, affording a well-being massage in an institute could be expensive. But the Wellsystem Hydro-jet massaging waterbed could well spell the end of overpriced relaxation.

Anti-stress care


Why the BrainLight® method?

Stress, insomnia, aggressiveness, migraines, depression, anxiety and more, lack of concentration, failing memory... condition our actions, disturb our emotions, causing discomfort and ill-being.

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