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Therapeutic massage chair


The therapeutic chair specially designed to get back in shape. The latest high-end therapeutic chair is the Nec Plus Ultra, all categories combined. It simply represents the best there is on the therapy chair market. The Therapy Chair has been developed to bring you maximum pleasure, relaxation and relief. The engineers who designed this massage chair have teamed up with health professionals (physiotherapists, etc.) to develop the very latest therapy technologies.

Its main strengths are:


Its multitude of different massage combinations. Its dual ZERO GRAVITY positions. Its enormous power to relax you. The music massage option. And much more, which we let you discover.

14 Types of Therapeutic Massage


Shiatsu massage – Plantar reflexotherapy – stretching – Drainage by Air Pressure – Sports massage – Recovery massage – Massage taping, Rolling, Relaxation, Tonic, Lumbar, acupressure… . Like the hands of a masseur...

When can the therapy chair be recommended?

A real massage for amateurs or sports professionals... Ideally for back pain and muscle tension. Indispensable for your back… To feel zen… The heat allows the muscles to relax around the joint. And much more.

Body analysis (latest generation scanner)


Technological integration of body analysis. This advancement gives therapy chairs the ability to customize their programs to each user. The therapy chair is equipped with software that positions the rollers according to where the shoulders and the base of the neck are. The therapy chair then automatically adapts to the build of the user. This technology is integrated into the therapy chairs and allows the user's body to be analyzed to find the acupressure points.

1 therapy chair session Fr. 80,-

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