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Wellsystem Massage


A bit of rest and relaxation is always welcome in our hectic lives. The concern is that until now, affording a wellness massage in an institute could be expensive. But the Hydro-jet Wellsystem massaging waterbed could well spell the end of overpriced relaxation. We tested this massage mattress... and approved!

Imagine yourself lying on a mattress filled with water and heated to 35°: a taste of well-being. But when in addition, this mattress sends jets of water to which massage your whole body (from head to toe), it's guaranteed happiness!

Hydro-jet: the advantages

The Hydro-jet  is a dry massage for which you will not need to undress, change your clothes, or even take a shower once the session is over. This saves significant time, especially if you want to treat yourself to a relaxation session during the lunch break.

You are not alone with the machine. Even if no one is present during your moment of relaxation, a professional checks at the start of the session the temperature of the water inside the mattress, the strength of the pressures, the program you want and the adapts to your needs.

Cellulite, heavy legs, stress, drainage, muscle recovery, there are many indications for Hydro-Jet. Whatever your desire, this relaxing mattress will make you happy.

1 hydromassage session Fr. 35,-

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