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Take the first step to success!

You can eliminate your fat deposits, while keeping your muscles and structural fat intact.

PHASE 1 – Preparation day  (DAYS 1 AND 2)

Filling up energy stores – improving metabolic cure results

Drops of activations a pipette under the tongue, 3 times a day. Wait 30 minutes before eating or drinking. Fat Burner.

During these two days, you can, no, you must eat and drink as much as you can. Sausages, ice cream, cakes, bread, cream, the fattier the better. This is necessary so that you will not have any problems once on a diet. The body will then draw on these reserves. Enjoy these days! Remember that you start taking the activation drops during these two days.


Decrease (elimination) of fat deposits

“General descaling”: detoxification, deacidification, cleaning and purification


You work with food calculation points. Max. 23 points per day eg more food 0 points!

Thanks to zero Yesspoints foods, eating healthy and losing weight is even easier. You don't need to weigh them, count them and write them down. They fill your plate, are delicious and fill you up. Look forward to more than 200 zero point foods such as salmon, chicken, eggs, peas or corn , which you can enjoy every day as you please!

The nutritional value of a food or drink is expressed in Yesspoints.  They are there to help you make the right food decisions and lose weight simply:

  • Your Yesspoints budget is calculated individually for you. Every day you receive a daily amount that you can spend on eating and drinking.

  • You also receive a weekly supply every week. You can spend these points on special occasions such as dining out.

  • You can supplement your meals with zero Yesspoints foods. These are healthy, filling foods that can form the basis of a meal and ultimately contain 0 points! They're always a good choice, especially when you're low on points.

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