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Arm programs

bicep program


Energize your bicep workout! Raise the load, then lower it. Here is a list of programs classified by level and objective to build big and powerful arms. For all the exercises mentioned in our programs, you will find all the information on the correct execution on our arm exercise page.

Biceps program for beginners


This biceps program for beginners is structured around three exercises. If you want big arms, get familiar with these three moves and keep practicing them as you add to your arm exercise arsenal. In each of the bicep exercises, strive to eliminate all momentum. Do not rock the body back and forth at the start of the repetition and do not swing the weights. This session includes forearms; a gain in forearm strength is useful for many other exercises, especially those that target the back.

bicep mass program

Program 1

Stay focused throughout the session. Forget everything around you and think only of deep contracting the working muscles.

Program 2

Stay focused throughout the session. Forget everything around you and think only of deep contracting the working muscles.

Program 3

This session does not include a lot of series. It will suit those who like to keep it short and intense! During this session, lower the loads slowly: the negative phase of each repetition should last 2 to 3 times longer than the positive phase (up).

Program 4

15 minute bicep program


When time is short, pulleys can be extremely useful. Simple to use, easy to adjust, these devices can make it possible to carry out a session really "  solid  ". The pulley curl that you will find in our exercise bank for the biceps corresponds roughly to a double biceps pose performed with resistance. If you do the movement quickly and with a bounce, you won't get much out of it. On the other hand, if you take your time and proceed in a measured way, congestion can be unbelievable. The three different grips used in this program (palms up, palms facing each other, and palms down) engage the biceps at three important angles.

* Each of the series is performed in decreasing order. Do 10 reps, reduce the load, do 5 reps, reduce the load, do another 5 reps and lighten again, then go to failure on the last reps of this series. Do not rest between successive load reductions.

**Increase the pyramid load with each series.

Bicep strength and power program


This session includes some basic power exercises: go to your limits, take as much weight as possible while observing good technique and try to increase the load gradually from week to week.

Routine program for triceps


Lock and load! With this triceps workout routine, pound your triceps and watch them grow. The exercises below are those present in the summary table of the program for triceps. Each exercise is briefly described. You can find more details on the triceps exercise page of the site.



Goal: Dips build overall tricep mass.

Execution: Raise your body until your hips are slightly higher than the bars. Keep your chest vertical and your elbows as close to your body as possible. Then lower slowly until your arms are slightly bent at 90°. Pause and work your way back up to triceps strength, going almost to elbow lock. Don't lean too far forward or the effect will shift to the pecs instead of the triceps.

Tip: To increase resistance, use a weight belt or hold a dumbbell between your legs.

Extension lying at the bar


Objective: Lying barbell extensions increase the overload of the long portion of the triceps while mobilizing the inner and outer bundles.

Execution: Lie down flat with your feet on the ground, about shoulder width apart. Take an EZ bar with your hands fairly close together, so spaced a little less than shoulder width apart. Keeping your shoulders pressed against the bench, your elbows tucked in and your arms perpendicular to the floor, slowly lower the bar to your forehead, controlling the movement well. Then, raise the bar explosively and lock at the end of the race by doing a good contraction.

Tip: Always have someone partner you so you don't lose control of the bar when it's over your face.

High pulley rope extension


Objective: The high pulley extensions to the rope make it possible to insist on the work of the external beam; also activates the internal beam.

Execution: In the same position as for the pulley extension, hold both strands of the rope with a neutral grip. Extend your arms fully and perform a powerful triceps contraction. Always controlling the movement, let the load go up to the middle of the chest.

Tip: you can move the location of the effect slightly so that the internal beam is stressed more strongly. To do this, turn your wrists slightly outwards and spread the two ends of the rope at the bottom of the movement.

Strength and power triceps program


Having big arms is a “  must  for bodybuilders. This is often the most exposed muscle group in short sleeve tops and the one that indicates you are a cast iron warrior. However, to have strong arms, most bodybuilders focus on the biceps. Sure, if they're shapely, they're impressive in a bicep pose, but they don't give the arms as much volume as a titanic triceps, especially when the arms are in their naturally relaxed positions. Since the triceps make up most of the muscle mass of the arms, it is essential to make them bigger to gain an extra inch or two of arm circumference. So try partial reps to hypertrophy those muscles.

The principle and advantages of this program


There's no denying that isolation exercises are great for building quality muscle, no matter what muscle group you're targeting. Nevertheless, nothing beats basic or polyarticular exercises to develop volume as a whole and gain strength. the bench press and the shoulder press are two compound exercises in which the triceps play a key role: indeed, in both cases, the triceps intervene strongly in the second half of the movement. As you can also take heavy, performing these exercises only in the upper part of the amplitude is very useful to attack the triceps and force them to grow bigger and stronger. This strength gain will also improve performance in the bench press and the shoulder press.

Half bench press tight grip


Place a flat bench in the middle of a squat rack or between the two uprights of a guided barbell machine. Lie down on the bench to assess the full range of your bench press. Place the pins halfway between your chest and the mark where the bar would land if the movement was performed at full range. Execution of the exercise: hold the bar with your hands pronated 15 to 30 cm apart. Release the bar from the supports and hold it at arm's length. Keeping your elbows close to your body, lower her slowly until she touches the safety pins, then straighten her out immediately.

Half shoulder press


Standing (or sitting on a flat bench or with a low backrest) in a squat rack or between the two uprights of a guided bar machine. Place the safety pins just from your head. Hold the barbell with your hands pronated shoulder-width apart. Release the barbell and hold it at arm's length above your head. Then, go down there slowly, keeping your elbows pointing forward as much as possible, until it comes to touch the two pins. Expand it immediately and contract your triceps.

Program 1

Program 2

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