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Bodybuilding program



For most practitioners, the pectoral session is the "  better  of the week in terms of training. Here we offer many programs for "  pecs  ". If the rep ranges are decreasing, the pyramidal load should be increased with each set; if the series always count the same reps, choose a stressful load and keep it for each of the series indicated for the corresponding exercise.


Intensive 6-week program for abdominal muscle building. Workout breakdowns, abs exercises and free technique tips. To have a nice abdominal strap, a flat stomach and drawn obliques, crunch and cardio will be your friends.


Training programs to build biceps and triceps according to your goal (gain muscle, strength, muscle definition). To work all the muscle fibers remember to focus on muscle contraction.


Bodybuilding programs for the legs with the thigh muscles: quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes without forgetting the calves. Each training table is preceded by practical information and followed by summary advice for carrying out the exercises.


Wider, more muscular, stronger! If you want shoulders that meet these three criteria, here is a set of programs with strength exercises for training all deltoid bundles.


To build muscle in the back in width, a fixed bar will be necessary to perform pull-ups. To fatten the back in thickness, you will need a barbell and dumbbells to do the row. A device with a pulley will be useful in order to perform the different pulls: horizontal, neck...

fat burning program


An extreme bodybuilding program to lose fat. This program divided into two parts: cardio-training and bodybuilding will allow you to burn up to 1000 calories!

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