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You certainly don't want to take all the fat you've accumulated over the winter to the beach, do you? In the weeks leading up to your vacation stay, your cruise, your departure for Ibiza or any other place where the nights are lively and where you risk taking off your t-shirt, you will need to lighten or tone your physique.

Atomize 1000 calories


You are sure to burn a few extra calories on the recumbent bike in your weight room. However, you're going to have to seriously step up the pace if your goal is to tone your body in a few weeks; it means sweating profusely and investing yourself totally in a cardio and weight training program where the elimination of calories will temporarily take precedence over muscle development. If you have a good cardiovascular condition, you will be able to burn up to 1000 extra calories a day, that is, to get rid of more "  100g raw fat  (not counting calories used for recovery).

This program can therefore make you lose up to 150 g per day if you have a balanced diet. If you also follow a low-calorie diet, the results will be even greater! Attention, such an energy expenditure is not feasible for a beginner, but it is possible for an athlete who trains regularly. To achieve this goal, the golden rule is to increase the intensity. An average athlete weighing 82 kg burns 8 to 9 calories per minute during a high intensity weight training session. The goal?

Aim for 9 calories and go all the way to 11 or 11,111 to be precise which is a whopping 1000 calories”  atomized  every time you complete this 90-minute session. Here's the cardio and strength-training program that will test your strength and aerobic endurance.

Priority to cardio


Bodybuilders like to put cardio training last in their sessions. Indeed, if you are aiming for muscle gain, the best approach is to first push the cast iron when you have the most energy. On the other hand, when the objective is to burn calories, it is the cardio which must have the absolute priority. Not only will you need all your energy on the treadmill, but the body is physiologically programmed to use free fatty acids more efficiently when aerobic exercise precedes weight training. After anaerobic training (like weight training), the body has built up lactic acid. So, if you work on endurance second, the body will burn this lactic acid before tapping into the fat mass.

The order in which you perform these two activities (aerobic and anaerobic) is important, as is the type of cardiovascular exercise you choose. Although technology today offers us the luxury of a plethora of new machines, prefer simple cardio-training devices such as the treadmill which remains the best tool when it comes to burning calories. Elliptical machines, steppers and ergometers do not offer the level of intensity required for very high calorie consumption. Additionally, the treadmill allows for precise speed modulation, which is critical to meeting the core demands of the aerobic training module.

In this 90-minute program designed to have an equal balance between strength training and endurance, 60% of calories will be burned on the treadmill. This corresponds to 600 kcal in 45 minutes and it is for this reason that this program is intended for people who already have a good physical condition. In those with poorer cardiovascular fitness, caloric expenditure will be lower, but will increase over time and as fitness improves. An athlete weighing 82 kg will have to maintain a speed of 9.5 km/h for 45 minutes. However, to optimize the performance of the effort, opt for interval training: you will thus alternate high-intensity work and moderate training, which is the best strategy for burning more calories overall.

strength training


When you think "  burning calories  it's likely that strength training doesn't come to mind as the right activity for this goal. Why ? Because your series which last 30 seconds on average, followed by 3 minutes of rest, do not guarantee the constant level of effort which is necessary to sufficiently raise your heart rate, overload your cardiovascular machine and, at the same time, burn calories . Note that this does not mean that strength training has no effect on calorie loss. An 82 kg practitioner can burn 8 to 9 calories per minute with each exercise; in this case, the secret is to make the activity as intense as possible and, at the same time, to reduce the rest times between sets.

It will therefore be necessary to review your usual approach when you do bodybuilding in order to burn calories. In this program, you can't do series to failure. You can't train with maximum loads either. Indispensable components of high performance in a bodybuilding plan, heavy loads and the use of the principle of forced repetitions require recovery periods that are too long to fit into the aims of the program presented here.

The goal of the 45-minute weight training session is to burn 400 kcal. It is for this reason that it will be necessary to include a kind of circuit work with training of all muscle groups aimed at increasing endurance; where rest times between exercises will be as short as possible and where caloric burn will be maximal. For this, it will be necessary to select a load such that one can perfectly control the speed of execution of the exercise as well as the amplitude of the movement. Since the number of reps will generally be 7 per set, use such a load that you will almost fail after 10 reps. If you manage to do more reps than that, adjust the load accordingly. Choose a resistance/rep combination that completes each set in about 35 seconds. On each rep, the pace should be controlled and equal both uphill and downhill. Be sure to work in full amplitude to exercise the muscle thoroughly.

As the exercises are divided essentially between movements "  drawn  " and "  pushed  », the circuit is composed of mini supersets : pectorals/back, biceps/triceps, quadriceps/ischios, abs/lumbar. Do not give yourself more than 15 seconds of rest to catch your breath between each exercise. As soon as you have completed each doublet of the circuit, rest 30 seconds and drink water to avoid dizziness and fatigue. Perform the complete circuit of the 12 exercises twice in a row. Do this session 3 to 4 times a week and stay active during the days when you will not be at the gym. At this rate, you will soon want to take off your t-shirt!

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