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For beginner


Since you are a beginner, it is better to take too light than too heavy when choosing your loads. If you cannot achieve the number of reps indicated, your load is too excessive.

Weight gain program

Program 1

In this program, the first exercise is the most important: this is where you will have to give your all! It is essential to contract the pecs at the end of the exercise to solicit the maximum number of muscle fibers at rest.

Program 2

In this program, you will use the Rest Pause technique for the press exercises (not the flys). Choose a heavy load that allows you to do 6 reps, pause for 10 seconds, and complete the last reps.

Program 3

The use of the Swiss ball in this program will allow you to work the stabilizing muscles which will ensure your balance and your coordination. The more muscle fibers you work, the more you will increase the volume of your pecs. So work from time to time on Swiss ball to optimize mass gain.

Increase muscle definition

Program 1

For presses, push the bar explosively and control the descent. For the flys, keep a measured and steady pace throughout the movement.

Program 2

Short session (15 minutes)

For the first two and last two exercises, you will do combination sets with no rest. Rest 30 to 60 seconds between combo sets (and single sets) and between exercises.

Special upper pectorals

Special lower pecs

Guided bar program

You arrive in your room and all the benches are taken, there is only the "Smith Machine", no problem: it is perfect for the developed. For guided barbell push-ups (feet elevated), set the bar at about hip level, then place the tops of the feet on the bar and the hands on the floor. For the version with the feet down, place yourself in the other direction, grab the bar with both hands and get into a push-up position with your feet on the floor.

Program with pre-fatigue

If your triceps often capitulate before your pectorals, try to pre-fatigue the latter by first performing an isolation exercise (which does not involve the arms) followed by a compound (polyarticular) exercise.

Old fashioned pectoral program (4 weeks)

Take 1.5 minutes of rest. For the load, take the heaviest possible allowing you to do 8 reps with good technique. If you feel you can do one or more, keep going! If you go over 12 reps, take a heavier load for the next set.

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